Sapphire HD 5830 Xtreme 1GB Video Card Review

Final Thoughts
Usually when we see a re-release of a video card it the card that comes out after the reference design that is usually overclocked and has a custom cooler.  The HD 5830 has been out for quite some time now and this is not that card.  What Sapphire is trying to do with this re-release is reintroduce the card at a lower, more aggressive price.  Right now you can pruchase the card at my favorite online retailer for $129, which is about $20 cheaper than other HD 5830’s that are available.

Besides just lowering the price Sapphire has added their custom heatpipe cooler, which not only runs cooler, but its much quieter than the cooler on the reference card.  The card also features voltage regulation circuitry, which will also help the card run cooler and be more efficient.

If we look at other compareable cards from Nvidia we can see this card performs better than the GTS 450, which is only about $15 cheaper.  You also get use of 3 screen with a single card, Nvidia cannot does not have that with similar offerings.

So just a little over $100 for a DirectX 11 card that you can easily overclock and will play all of the latest games at high settings.  You really cannot beat that!  I really like what Sapphire has done with the re-release of the 5800-series cards.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Sapphire HD 5830 Xtreme 1GB Video Card 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating10 10 small TC award recommended small

– Aggressively priced, $20 cheaper than other HD 5830 cards
– Voltage regulation circuitry
– Works with the TriXX software
– Better cooling than reference cards

– None that I found

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