Silverstone FARA B1 Mid-Tower Case Review

Silverstone Fara B1 Overview

Fara B1 overview

The Fara B1 from Silverstone is an ATX, mid-tower case made of steel with a tempered glass side panel. The tempered glass side panel even has a slight tint to it. The Fara B1 weighs in at a net weight of 5.75 kg and measures 207mm x 446mm x 401mm with a volume of 37 liters. The Fara B1 can support up to four 2.5″ drives, or three 2.5″ drives and a single 3.5″ drive.

The front panel on the Silverstone Fara B1 has star-crossed mesh strips running down the left and right sides of the front panel. The mesh is designed as an air intake and cleans up very easily. At the bottom of the front panel, there is a Silverstone logo that is illuminated by RGB lighting.

The top of the Fara B1 has a removable magnetic dust filter. The dust filter on the Fara B1 is flexible and cleans up very easily. You can even just run it under water. Under the filter, you can see the top mounting options for the Fara B1.

The rear panel on the Fara B1 is made out of steel., slides into place, and is held in place by two thumbscrews. There really isn’t much more to say about this panel. The front IO on the Fara B1 has a power button, a reset button, three USB ports, and a hybrid 3.5 mm port. What this means is this one 3.5 mm port is for both the microphone and the headphones. This saves a little room on the IO and prevents you from having to use a splitter to run a boom mic on your headphones. I very much like this small feature.

Being a mid-tower case, The Fara B1 has seven expansion slots for graphics cards and other PCIe expansion cards. Instead of thumb screws, the Fara B1 uses standard 6/32 screws in the expansion slots. A bracket held in place by a single thumbscrew holds a bracket in place over the expansion slots screws. As for power supplies, the Fara B1 supports your standard ATX power supplies.

Bottom Fara B1

On the bottom of the Fara B1, there are four feet to raise the case off the desk or the floor. Under where the power supply is installed, there is another dust filter to prevent the dust from getting into your power supply.