Snail Shows off 1080p 3D Gaming Cell Phone

Coming into the mobile market strong, Snail has been developing what is essentially an all in one mobile device. While it is a fully functioning smart phone, the W3D is really a quite a bit more. Featuring a 5.5″ 1080p display that is capable of displaying in consistent 3D without the use of glasses, the W3D is impressive even at first glance.



Looking deeper we find an 8 core 2.2ghz processor, built in 2G of ram and 16G of rom. Of course those 3D HD movies are going to take up a good chunk of drive space. Which is why Snail has included a micro SD expansion slot. The W3D will be compatible with most all carrier SIM cards. Internet access comes in the form of 4G LTE. Battery life is bound to be an issue, but the battery is expected to last 5-6 hours of under use. While this all in one is still in development, fully functional models were available for testing at CES 2015 and Snail feels that release is in the near future. Pricing will be available when the release date nears, but is expected to be competitive with similar devices.


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