SoftBank Says It Is Actually Considering Selling UK Chip Designer Arm

SoftBank have cleared the doubt regarding the sale of ARM. SoftBank has confirmed that it is selling this company after all, and talks are being held with a bidder. Although the name of the bidder has not been revealed, we can conclude that NVIDIA is planning to buy ARM regardless of their unavoidable stock issues.

Softbank doesn’t have to sell ARM to NVIDIA as it has other bidders available and will surely consider each one of them. Softbank also has the option to make Arm public again if they don’t receive their anticipated bid. Instead of selling the whole company to a single bidder, they could get a single stake or multiple stakes to the various bidders they have. These were the words of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son.

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SoftBank itself is a Japanese holding company that has acquired a lot of companies. Almost four years ago, Arm was also acquired for 32 billion dollars. The headquarters of Arm is located in Cambridge in the UK and in San Jose, which is in the US.

The ARM itself has a vast name in the tech industry and is a treasurable commodity. Many smartphones and tablets operate on the hardware that is based on Arms design. Qualcomm snapdragon, Apple’s A series chips, internet routers, and many Internet of Things (IoT) devices consist of Arm designing.

It is reported that NVIDIA is in talks with SoftBank about the purchase of ARM. An earthquake is expected in the tech industry if this deal goes successful as NVIDIA has experienced exponential growth since its inception due to its versatility. These products are focused on PC gaming, data centers, and other markets.

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As every major tech company (Samsung, Huawei) is a client of ARM, thus NVIDIA can face the regulatory inspection issue. Softbank will try to give Arm to potential buyers. Let’s wait and watch.

Via Hothardware