Sony INZONE Gaming Headsets for PC Revealed Ahead of Launch

If you want to treat yourself with a new gaming headset, you will find them cheaper by a dozen in the already crowded market. However, Sony is braving against this segment and releasing new headsets which it thinks will have some sort of competitive edge over the others. The company’s latest brand of gaming headsets, INZONE, is going to be launching soon. Upon launch, it will include three different models, all of which will support the company’s proprietary 360 spatial sound, along with an integrated volume control and a fixed microphone. The 360 spatial sound is something which some of Sony’s high-end headsets already feature.

The base model H3 is a wired version which comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack and will ship with a USB sound card. This model is also going to come with a switch for NC/AMB which will have a noise cancelling effect as AMB stands for ambient sound mode. Moving ahead in the range, we have the H7 which is the mid-range model. The H7 also takes a change in the design, having only one point of attachment between the headband and the ear cup. As compared to this, the H3 has a more traditional attachment with two points.

The most sophisticated in the lineup is the H9 which also comes with a USB dongle for wireless use but also has support for Bluetooth audio. The H7 and the H9 both have game/chat buttons which can be used to adjust the volumes separately for two different inputs. Being at the top of the range, the H9 enjoys new LED effects. It is unclear right now if there is any support for RGB. A USB Type C port is provided on both B7 and H9, however there is no information yet on the battery life.

Via 91Mobiles