Sparkle Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply Review

Taiwan-based Sparkle Computer Corporation has been around since 1982, most notably producing high quality graphics cards using the PCI interface, in addition to modern PCI-Express cards. However, it hopes to enter the power supply market with its new Gold Class series. These units are manufactured by Great Wall computer and sold by Sparkle as a part of its gaming brand. There is a 1000W version and a 1250W version. ThinkComputers takes a look at this mostly modular, six 12V railed, 80PLUS Gold-certified unit in this review.

Special thanks to Sparkle for providing us with the Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply to review.

Features & Specifications
– 1250W Modular Power Supply
– 80 Plus Gold Certified
– Double Ball Bearing Fan
– All connector AU coating to keep Ultra high efficiency
– Full Thermal Control with super silent fan
– 12V peak at 120A
– Temperature control design mode
– Active PFC design
– Keep PSU fan running for 5-10 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime.
– Ultra-quiet 13.9cm Fan with intelligent RPM control guarantees cool performance and silent operation.
– 99.9% 12V Power
– EPS12V PSU with 99.9% 12V output capability
– Double main electrolytic capacitors
– DC to DC circuitry design with solid capacitors
– Forward Safe Guard Circuitry design
– Dual Layer main PCB 2.0mm thickness
– Sextuple 12V Rails
– 100A Mosfet 12V Rectifiers
– 30k µF low ESR secondary 105℃ electrolytic capacitors
– Triple AC EMC Filtering stage
– Dual capacitors design to protect system safety when sudden shut down

The Sparkle Gold Class series box is primarily black and gold. gold is represented in the shape of hexagons on the front of the box. This is perhaps an allusion to the hexagonal, honeycomb-like grating found on power supply grills. A picture of the unit adorns the front, as well as a sizable 80PLUS Gold logo.

Sparkle Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply Sparkle Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply

The unit is very well packed, use packing foam as well as power cable and modular cable bag for cushioning. Included in the box is the unit, a power cable, a cable tie, the modular cables, and some documentation complete with a certificate showing the unit to be tested for 80PLUS Gold level efficiency, 87% or higher.

Sparkle Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply Sparkle Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply Sparkle Gold Class 1250W Modular Power Supply

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