Spire BlackDragon 400W Power Supply Review

Overall the Spire BlackDragon 400W PSU is a decent power supply. The low wattage power supply still provides ample power for basic gaming computers. However, this 400W PSU has a very high MSRP at $79.99. The power supply isn’t modular and doesn’t even have any 80PLUS certifications, so it’s hard for me to understand why the price is so high (among the highest available). Hopefully the price will drop once it’s available to the market.

If you’re looking to shell out a few bucks for a lower wattage PSU, then this would make a great choice. I wouldn’t personally buy it at this price, but others may see differently. ThinkComputers would like to award the Spire BlackDragon 400W Power Supply an 8 out of 10 score.


  • Blue LED fan
  • Enough connectors, despite its low wattage


  • No 80PLUS certifications
  • High MSRP for such a low wattage
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