Synology Announces Cost Effective FlashStation FS2500 & Latest SATA SSDs

Synology successfully launches a Cost-Effective and reliable solution for your SSD needs. The latest SATA SSDs and new FlashStation FS2500 are compact and well within buyers’ reach.


The newest addition is designed to compete with business IT applications by requiring low latency and fast storage solutions. The FS2500 is a remarkable addition to the lineup of all flash servers the company launched earlier, while the SATA SSDs update the portfolio of the company with its SAT5210 drives.

1U chassis SSD is compact to fit 12 2.5″ SATA bays, adding ample capacity. Not to forget the simplicity in terms of installation.

The unit has dual 10 GbE ports and offers flexibility for 10/25 GbE expansion. It provides more than 170,000/82,000 4K random read/write performance.

Synology’s SATA SSD drives have proven to fulfill the elevated needs in terms of sustainable performance and reliability in IT operations. It also delivers efficiently in highly demanding scenarios.

SAT5210 SATA SSDs and FlashStation FS2500 are now available through Synology partners and resellers. It is designed to ensure flawless integration of complete hardware and software systems.

It also makes impossible optimizations possible, giving an accurate and insightful performance for IT teams.

SAT5210 SATA SSDs deliver world-class consistency and reliable performance for cache and storage duties. Lifetime analytics are based on actual workloads, giving more accurate and convenient insight for IT teams.

Upcoming firmware updates will also be sent directly through Synology DSM which will make minimal disruption possible.

Via Synology