T-Force Dark Z DDR4 3600 MHz Memory Review


T-Force Dark Z Overclocked steetings

The motherboard used on our test bench is the Z490 Aorus Master running the I9-10900k. To overclock the memory, we go into the BIOS and to the advanced memory settings. Then, go to the DRAM Frequency and start to bump up the frequency. After each increase in DRAM frequency, we then go into Windows and validate the overclock.

Intel XTU Memory Stress Test

To validate the overclock, there are a number of programs you can run. I generally run through our memory benchmarks, AIDA64, SiSoft Sandra, and 3DMARK Firestrike. If we get through all of these tests, I’ve then run the memory stress test in Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility, or XTU. The stress test allows you to run it for hours or even days. I generally run the stress test for 30 minutes to an hour. I was able to get our kit of Dark Z DDR4 from a stock DRAM frequency of 3600 MHz and a voltage of 1.35 volts up to 3866 MHz at 1.38 volts. However, this also bumped up the latency to 20 and timings to 20-24-24-45. I tried to manually drop the timings down, and the system crashed.