TeamGroup Announces Ultra-Fast DDR5-7200 Memory For 350 USD

Newegg now offers a new DDR5 memory kit which isn’t just another DDR5 memory. This kit has more than 7 GHz clock speed (or GT/s, if you choose). Created by TeamGroup, this RAM is a part of their T-Force Delta RGB line. Intriguingly, TeamGroup’s quickest kit is only 6600 MT/s and CL34 on their website.

Excellent pricing for a dual 16GB kit is $350. An identical 2x16GB kit (despite DDR5-4800) was available for the same price just a year ago. The 7200 MT/s performance of this set makes it ideal for the upcoming next-generation desktop systems from AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake.

A CAS Latency of 34 is mentioned in the description for this product with the memorable name “FF3D532G7200HC34ADC01,” but that is the extent of the timing information provided.

Given that M-dies were typically encountered with transfers up to 7000 MT/s, this may be one of the first Hynix A-die memories. This is one of the first kits of its kind to be sold on Newegg, but more are likely to be added soon.

Via Newegg