TeamGroup Announces Ultra-Fast DDR5-7200 Memory For 350 USD

Newegg now offers a new DDR5 memory kit which isn’t just another DDR5 memory. This kit has more than 7 GHz clock speed (or GT/s, if you choose). Created by TeamGroup, this RAM is a part of their T-Force Delta RGB line. Intriguingly, TeamGroup’s quickest kit is only 6600 MT/s and CL34 on their website.

TeamGroup DDR5 7200

Excellent pricing for a dual 16GB kit is $350. An identical 2x16GB kit (despite DDR5-4800) was available for the same price just a year ago. The 7200 MT/s performance of this set makes it ideal for the upcoming next-generation desktop systems from AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake.

A CAS Latency of 34 is mentioned in the description for this product with the memorable name “FF3D532G7200HC34ADC01,” but that is the extent of the timing information provided.

TeamGroup DDR5

Given that M-dies were typically encountered with transfers up to 7000 MT/s, this may be one of the first Hynix A-die memories. This is one of the first kits of its kind to be sold on Newegg, but more are likely to be added soon.

Via Newegg