Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review

Software & Illumination
While the keyboard will function without any software, if you are going to want to customize anything you should go ahead and download the driver software via Tesoro’s website. Opening up the software you are given a full overview of the keyboard. There is a PC Mode and five different profiles you can customize. When you are in PC mode you cannot change the key assignments, but you are able to change the illumination and lighting effects.


When you go in to modify any of the profiles you now have the ability to click on any key and completely remap it. If you click the key assignment button you can easily assign another key. You can also set the key to launch a program, or you can completely disable that key.


If you click on Macro Setting you can easily set the key to a saved macro or you can live record new macros and save them. When creating macros you can set the delay time and even the repeat time.


The software also gives you the ability to completely reset a profile if you happen to mess up or need a key changed back.

One of the coolest features of this keyboard is of course the illumination. We have made a full video going over the different illumination modes and effects.

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