Thermaltake Pacific RL360 D5 RGB Water Cooling Kit Review

As mentioned each part included is an actual off the shelf part each packaged in it’s own box and complete with all the necessary parts and accessories.

Pacific W1 CPU Block
This block is one of Tt’s very first waterblocks and is the first in their series of three CPU block offerings. This one features an all copper base and is finished in a nice nickel plating. The color contrasts well with the otherwise black accents. You will of course find all the hardware required for installation, manuals and disclaimers, as well as some Tt X1 thermal grease.

RL360 (8)

The block itself has a nice solid weight to it and a highly polished base.

RL360 (8)

RL360 (9) RL360 (10)

The rest of the block seems to be machined to a really high quality standard with nice clean threads on the G ¼ ports.

Pacific PR22-D5 Pump/Reservoir
This combo is impressive in both aesthetics as well as performance. The most popular trend in water cooling reservoirs is definitely the acrylic tube and the bigger the better! In this case you get a 300ml canister mated to a custom Tt designed pump mount which holds a variable speed Laing D5 water pump. While the housing and reservoir itself looks great, it’s the D5 that should be receiving the standing ovation here. Known far and wide to be reliable, silent, and strong the D5 with variable speed control is the most optimal choice when it comes to a water cooling pump. It just shows that Tt knows what they are doing with product selection.

RL360 (11) RL360 (12)

On the cap of the reservoir you will find two ports, one plugged with a Tt brand G1/4 plug available for filling, the other with an anti-turbulence tube installed. On the base you will find one single outlet for water leaving the pump. While this will of course get the job done, it would have been nice to see a couple more ports available for different orientations. As for installation, the combo comes with easily mounted legs that allow you to stand the unit up in the base of your case as well as rings to hang it from the side of the case.

RL360 (13) RL360 (14)

Pacific RL360 Radiator
This radiator is thick. While most starter kit’s will serve you a nice radiator they will typically come with a something in the 30-40mm range. Tt starts you off right (assuming you can stuff it into your rig) with a super nice high performance 360mm x 64mm aluminum rad. The black finish looks good, although personally I would have gone for a matte black.

RL360 (15) RL360 (16) RL360 (21)

At one end there is a single G1/4 port for draining or filling, while at the other end you get four ports two each top and bottom.

RL360 (18) RL360 (19) RL360 (20)

Riing 12 RGB Fans
What good is a radiator without a high quality set of fans? And what good are high quality fans without RGB LEDS? Thankfully these are two questions you won’t have to find an answer to as Tt includes a nice little three pack of these excellent 120mm fans. We won’t go into too much detail on the fans as they have been well reviewed already.

RL360 (22)

Most notably you should have 2.01mm of H20 pressure at 1500 rpm when the fan is set at its higher speed. Since the radiator is so thick this is actually a pretty optimal speed and pressure. A thicker radiator usually has a lower fin per inch count which results in less restriction. Because of this you can run slower quieter fans. The speed of the fans as well as the colors and patterns are controlled right through the included fan controller. You also get all the mounting hardware you need.

RL360 (23)

V-Tubler 4T Tubing
To connect all of your parts you will need some tubing. Tt has thrown in some of their very own V-Tubler 4T tubing in ¾ x ½ sizing. This is the most popular size tubing on the market thanks to its high flow rate and rigidity.

RL360 (24) RL360 (25)

C1000 Blue Coolant
Of course you need some sort of liquid in order to call it “liquid cooling” and in this case Tt has included some C1000 opaque coolant. This PC specific liquid is equipped with some anti-corrosion properties and is friendly to copper, aluminum, brass, and nickel. The color is stunning and while we received blue, it is available in these five other flavors: green, purple, red, yellow, and white.

RL360 (26) RL360 (27)

Pacific ½ x ¾ Compression Fittings
You can’t build a loop without fittings, and Tt wants you to start off on the right foot and go with compression fittings right from the start. With the kit you will find six chromed fittings with knurls on the outside of the locking ring and base. There are also notches in the top of the fittings that allow you to use the included tool to really tighten them down.

RL360 (29) RL360 (30)

Overall again we see excellent machine work on find nothing to complain about.

RL360 (31)

The last bit of gear that you will find in the kit is a 24-pin jumper. This is a female 24-pin receptor with a wire that will connect the main power wire to one of the grounds on your power supply. This is important because you need to be able to turn on the power supply (to turn on the pump) over and over without turning on the motherboard and computer itself.

RL360 (28)