Thermaltake Pacific RL360 D5 RGB Water Cooling Kit Review

Final Thoughts
After spending some time with the Pacific RL360 D5 RGB, I can’t help but be impressed by the quality of the kit. Having spent a great amount of time with all manors of water cooling parts you come to recognize some big differences between parts from different manufacturers. What you are getting from Thermaltake are well designed components matched with quality materials and machining. Not only that but with this kit you are getting these parts picked out for you specifically, there’s no chance of anything being left of the order. You aren’t going to receive your package in the mail only to find out that you forgot to order something crucial. For a first time water cooler I see this kit as a very smart investment and a great base to build up a full system loop around. Now, some noise has been made about the price of this kit, at $409.99 from online retailers it’s not cheap. But that is simply the reality of custom water cooling. I find the price to be acceptable considering the level of quality components that you are getting. And of course the performance of the kit is great, so long as you set it up right. It seems that although the Tt branded coolant looks fantastic, you are going to be paying for it in the cooling department. We would suggest running distilled water and if you must have colored coolant, and we won’t blame you if you insist, go with a dye that can be simply mixed in once the loop has been filled.

There are unfortunately a couple of small downsides to this kit. The first is the overall size of the parts. While we won’t be judging Tt for this, it’s certainly the buyer’s responsibility, but both the extremely thick radiator and the extremely tall height of the res/pump combo made for troublesome fitment in what has been up to this point an extremely roomy chassis for our review rig. Just be aware that double checking dimensions would be recommended in this situation. Second and again we won’t be judging them too harshly for this is the level of performance. It’s very strange that the included coolant would so negatively effect performance. However we did notice some milky substance in the bottom of that bottle that had separated while it was sitting which doesn’t bode well for the fluid. For the time being we recommend you steer clear of this coolant.

Overall would like to award the Thermaltake Pacific RL360 D5 RGB a 10 out of 10 score!

rating10 10 small

– Quality everywhere you look
– Excellent component choice
– Simple and perfect for a novice
– Potentially great performance
– Price

– Large parts are going to be a tough fit in many cases