Top 3 Mobile Games for 2020

It seems like a golden age for mobile games is coming. The reason is the same as it was for PC games and console games, as there is a wide market for independent developers to make their imagination come to fruition.

And while most of the console and PC gaming market is being choked by corporations, mobile is flourishing. There are new titles pushed out almost daily, and many of them are original and very well made.

And the fact that independent developers are not at as big of a disadvantage doesn’t mean that they are the only ones dishing out games. Those big companies are now working extra hard to get a piece of that sweet mobile gaming pie.

It might be true that we as gamers are slightly jaded at the industry and don’t expect much. But, we know the advantage when we see it, and mobile is an excellent way to reassert our dominance and push for even better products.

Old Games for New Players

Ironically, something good came out of corporate greed. Old console games and some classics from the PC are coming on mobile. Although we should not stand for a debacle such as with Diablo III (dOn’cHa gUys HaVe pHonEs?), there is an objective benefit of having older games on phones.

Games like the Knights of the Old Republic are classics, and it is nice that the new generations can experience them.

#1 Stranger Things: The Game

This arcade-looking side-scroller is a direct reference to both the show and the aesthetics inside. While we knew there would be callbacks to the console and PC games of the past, this looks like something straight from the ‘80s arcade machine, with both 16-bit graphics and mechanics.

The game itself somewhat follows the show and most regular viewers will notice the similarities. But, there are also a couple of twists and additions that will keep everyone guessing and make the game more interesting.

The puzzles are fun, and it is cool to collect things in a game that will actually remember your progress, unlike the old machines. Both newcomers and avid followers of the show will have a great time exploring the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Download on iOS and Android

#2 Exit the Gungeon

After the success of Enter the Gungeon, this little spinoff is a real treat and houses a lot of fun in a really simple mechanic. It is fast and enjoyable, and you will need a lot of skill to beat the game on mobile.

And if you really like the game, you can play it on virtually anything else. This game came out for Switch, PC, iOS, and Android, and it is just a question when Samsung refrigerators will start supporting it.

The mechanics are very fun, as are the enemies and the titular ‘Gundeoneers’’. The picture is shaky to add to the atmosphere, so if you don’t like that it might be slightly distracting.

Download on SteamiOS, and Android

#3 Mario Kart Tour

If you have friends but you don’t want to have friends anymore, then this is the game for you.

The adaptation is a direct callback to the classic Mario Kart and has many of the same tracks and music. The graphics are improved and the textures are bigger. Everything is done so that you can see that blue shell kicking you off first place in as good detail as possible. Progress!

The mechanics are also very simple and very familiar. Regardless if you play it in single-player or with people you still talk with, you are all in for a lot of fun.

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Honorable Mentions

There are some games that wouldn’t make this list just for the sake of fairness. Mobile giants like PUBG or Minecraft are being enjoyed by millions of players on mobile to this day, even though they are years old, and for a good reason. Fun mechanics and a good community, even if they are sometimes toxic, can make a game great.

Also, it would be wrong not to mention the abundance of emerging casino games and spinners that are drawing in an ever-growing audience. Even though they are gauged for adults only, they can provide a lot of fun, especially for those who seek that extra thrill.

Finally, the fact that there are new mobile games coming out every year doesn’t mean that we need to abandon the old ones. Games like Hearthstone and Clash of Clans are still very popular and are as fun as ever. There is no rule that you can’t play multiple games at the same time.