Top 5 Freelancer Must-Have Tech Tools

Tech! Technology, we all use it in some form. For freelancers, tech tools have proven handy for different tasks because being a freelancer can quickly get chaotic if proper management and alignment of projects and tasks aren’t done.

These tech applications from US Essays Writers help us in time management, scheduling, tracking, and communication. They help streamline things to enable freelancers to work diligently and deliver professionally.

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Top 5 Tech Tools For Enhanced Productivity 

The nature of freelance work is juggling between deciding when to focus, when to break, next project, most important task, deadlines to beat an endless list of to do’s. In this setting, a helping hand is most suitable; in this case, tech tools to help in organized workflow and maximize productivity.

The Below Tools Are Your Must-Have For Enhanced Productivity As A Freelancer 

Ommwriter Creative writing needs inspiration and focus. Ommwriter gets you on the right state of mind to have you focus only on your writing. It eliminates distractions by operating on full-screen mode in different environments, allowing you to concentrate on your words and enjoy while at it.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is purposely designed to keep track of notes. It is similar to a note pad only that it is online, allowing you to sync your devices for easier aces. As you work on projects, doing researches putting down findings in the form of notes, images, pdf files, and clip web pages save on the app. When in think mode and ideas flash your mind, you could write it down and review it later. Share notes and emails instant with a broader audience.

  1. Streak 

Streak is a CRM built for Gmail. As a customer relationship management tool, you can manage your workflow by creating a seamless process for your team, where you can add, edit, sort, filter, group your data, and track. It is built on Gmail, making it easy to use, and implementable tool that enhances organization and boosting your productivity.

  1. Timely 

Most freelancers are their bosses, deciding everything with no government around can be tempting. You want to surf the internet, yet a project waits. Time wastage is bound to happen. Reduce time wastage by tracking down how you spend time. Timely cross integrates your calendar, productivity apps, GPS, and captures all time spent in different work. The lesser time you spend on a single task, the higher your productivity levels.

  1. Due 

With all the on-going/ complete or invoiced projects, keeping track of payments and invoices can be another hustle. Implementing an encrypted digital wallet that offers you secured and seamless payment options will get that out of the way for you, so you concentrate on your deliverables and timelines.


Tech is here to stay; the sooner freelancers incorporate tech tools into their daily tasks, the higher the productivity level. It saves time to have things in an organized workflow so that you can focus. Improved work always results in professional work outputs and timely delivery for clients with less stress for the freelancer. And as usual, a happy client equals a happy freelancer.