TourBox Lite Review

Final Thoughts

I knew that I would most likely be impressed by the TourBox Lite when it was offered up for review, so long as TourBox had stuck to their overall form and function found on the NEO. Thankfully that was the case, and aside from the lower physical input count, eight down from 14, the TourBox Lite stood up to the test. For some creators, 14 inputs might be too many, or the larger size might not be as ergonomically suited for their needs. I think this is where the TourBox Lite can step in and still offer a good number of input options across multiple input types, just in a smaller physical form factor. And while that same design language was there in the shape, the lack of a soft-touch plastic body and rubber scroll wheel do translate into a product that feels a bit less high-end.

You still have access to the TourBox Console application for full customization of the TourBox Lite, as well as the on-screen HUD that provides a quick reference for your application settings. Being able to customize each input type across a large range of default applications, as well as custom software, is a key to the TourBox Lite’s versatility and ability to improve content creation workflows. I mentioned that I was going to move away from HitFilm Express during my review of the NEO, and while I haven’t quite made that change yet, the introduction of the TourBox Lite might have me making that change sooner than I had expected.

TourBox Lite

Just like with the NEO, I have found that the TourBox Lite and the Console software are quite handy, and each designed quite well. Having spent quite a bit of time with the NEO, the move to the TourBox Lite was seamless. Even though there were a few input options missing from what I had become accustomed to using, it was a quick transition period to using new input mappings.

Whether you are just getting into more in-depth content creation or a seasoned veteran, I think the TourBox Lite is a great option to consider in order to improve your workflow efficiency. From the build quality and unique, but functional, input design, to the intuitive Console software, the TourBox Lite’s smaller package still packs a punch. Content creation tools can be quite expensive, but the Lite’s price of just $94.99 at our favorite retailer should have you rushing to add this to your tool kit. The TourBox Lite gets a 9 out of 10.

rating9 10


  • Easy Setup
  • Intuitive Software
  • Solid Build Quality
  • 8 Control Surfaces
  • Nearly Endless Customization


  • Takes Time To Become Proficient
  • Slightly Lower Quality Feel