Ukrainian Army Is Using Steam Deck To Control Machine Gun Turret

The Valve Steam Deck has caught people’s attention in Ukraine, as it is being hailed as a new weapon for the country’s army. Apparently, a recent video showcased a remote-controlled machine gun turret that appeared to be operated by the widely used portable PC gaming device.

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Pictures that were posted on ТРО Меdia’s Facebook page display different angles of the turret design and soldiers utilizing it for trials in a field. One of the seven images reveals a remote operator who is unmistakably clutching a sleek Steam Deck, while the machine gun turret can be spotted in the backdrop. It would be intriguing to catch a glimpse of the interface/UI of the remote control, but it is possible that the military is keeping it classified as a secret.

Along with the images, TPO Media also provided a concise description of the remote machine gun turret. Known as ‘Sablya,’ the turret is an “automated remote controlled” device, which implies that it could have some level of self-governance. It’s feasible that, apart from manual remote supervision, targeting, and shooting, the Sablya might be compatible with the Steam Deck to identify targets and enable the gun to function as efficiently and speedily as possible.

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TPO Media revealed some information regarding the operational range of the Sablya, which can be remotely operated from up to 500 meters away, or almost one-third of a mile. This distance allows the operator to stay away from dangerous areas. The turret appears to have the potential to be used in both stationary settings and mounted on vehicles.

Furthermore, as per the TRO Media post, the Sablya has the capability to take down low-altitude hostile drones, which could be crucial at this time as reports suggest that Russia is discreetly obtaining more of such weapons from China.

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Lastly, TPO Media claims that the Sablya is not restricted to the weapon showcased in the photos and video. The system or framework has the capacity to hold various types of armaments, including anti-personnel and anti-tank weaponry.

Via TPO Media

Images Credits: TPO Media