Viotek GN34C 34-inch Curved 1440p Ultrawide Monitor Review

Final Thoughts
The Viotek GN34C 34-inch display really seems to tick all of the boxes for me. I am a person who works from a computer everyday, but I also enjoy gaming in my free time. So for work this large 3440 x 1440 resolution is basically like having two monitors on a single screen. I can easily have two windows open on each side of the display and they do not feel crunched or compact at all. This makes doing things like writing news posts on the site or writing a review while I have a photo of what I’m talking about on the other side of the monitor. The best thing is that I don’t have this massive border in the center of my display like I would have if I had two separate monitors. I’m also not moving my head as much as everything is right in front of me. The fact that this display is so wide makes things like having a massive workspace in applications like Adobe Photoshop and Premier great! I have so much more room to work with and I can have so much more displayed on the screen.

When using such programs colors are important and the GN34C does have some good color reproduction, but it does not compare to say an IPS panel. But it is good and for people who are not doing serious color work this monitor would do just fine. Another thing to point out is that the blacks on this monitor are very black and not more grey like we’ve seen on other displays.

When it comes to gaming this display is going to do a good job in most games. Racing-type games are especially good on a monitor like this are this are very immersive. When it comes to first-person shooters and fast paced games you are going to notice some motion blur. As I said earlier if you are serious about eSports or competitive gaming this is not a display you should be looking at, but if you are a casual or everyday gamer this display will do the job just fine in pretty much all games.

Like most of Viotek’s monitors this display lacks all of the bells and whistles that you’ll find in some of the more name brand monitors out there. The first is the stand. You are only going to get angle adjustment here, no vertical adjustment or rotation. Also there really is not any cable management present on the display either. The display also lacks USB ports, which are very convenient for USB peripherals or connecting USB-powered RGB strips to the back of the display.

Right now you can pick this display up at our favorite online retailer for $499.99, which is hundreds less than competing monitors from more known brands with the same overall specifications. So if you are in looking for an ultrawide and do not need all of the extra bells and whistles then Viotek GN34C is a great choice. Again, for me a person who does a lot of productivity tasks, but also likes to game it seems to have the perfect set of features. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Viotek GN34C a 9 out of 10 score.

– 3440 x 1440 at 100 Hz
– AMD Freesync compatible
– Very thin bezels on the side
– Uses a standard power connector
– Price

– Colors not as good as an IPS display
– Some motion blur in games
– No height or rotation adjustment on the stand

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