Western Digital Introduces The SN5000 Budget NVMe SSD Starting At $70

Western Digital has introduced a new budget-friendly SSD, the SN5000, which represents a significant leap in model numbers from its predecessor, the SN580, released less than a year ago. In terms of price, the SN5000 is the more economical choice between the two. While the SN5000 uses the same BiCS 5 TLC NAND for its 500 GB to 2 TB variants as the SN580, Anandtech reports that the 4 TB version utilizes BiCS 6 QLC NAND.

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The SN5000 remains a PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe drive, but its overall performance has seen significant enhancements. Comparing the 1 TB model, the sequential read speeds have increased by 1 GB/s, rising from 4150 MB/s to 5150 MB/s. The sequential write speeds have also improved, up by 750 MB/s from 4150 MB/s to 4900 MB/s.

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Regarding random performance, the read IOPS have increased from 600K to 730K, while the write IOPS have seen a slight rise from 750K to 770K. The 4 TB QLC variant reportedly offers improved overall performance, except for random read IOPS. The 1 TB model is specified to have a write endurance of 600 TBW, whereas the 4 TB model provides 1200 TBW. This translates to 0.33 drive writes per day (DWPD) for the 1 TB version compared to 0.16 DWPD for the 4 TB version, highlighting the limitations of QLC NAND. A new addition to the SN5000 series, not found in previous WD Blue NVMe drives, is support for TGC Pyrite 2.01 encryption.

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The WD SN5000 series starts at $70 for the 500 GB model, increases to $80 for the 1 TB model, reaches $140 for the 2 TB model, and peaks at $280 for the 4 TB model. Currently, WD has only the 500 GB model in stock, with the other capacities expected to be available in 3-4 weeks. All variants are covered by a five-year warranty.

Source: Western Digital