NVIDIA Could Bring AI-Generated Textures And Objects In Future Games

Machine learning is revolutionizing the PC market by introducing new tools for daily use, enhancing productivity, and revealing hidden artistic talents by converting sketches into actual artworks (though not quite with mine, but it works for others). These advanced AI algorithms were trained using hundreds of graphics cards, generating a few gigabytes of data that can be stored on a local hard drive.

While it’s now feasible to run certain text-based large language models on a single graphics card and there has been notable progress in text-to-image generation, other models, like image-to-video, can only produce short clips unless supported by a cluster of AI accelerators.

Recently, NVIDIA introduced RTX Remix, a technology that allows modders and gamers to remaster older titles by connecting the render to NVIDIA tools. These tools enhance texture resolution, object meshes, and lighting, and eventually add technologies like ray tracing or path tracing to these games. The modding process is not performed in real-time; users need to download the RTX Remix software to manually make the modifications and prepare special libraries. Only after this preparation can it be used as a mod.

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is already envisioning the future of AI tools for gamers, including a technology that could perform functions similar to RTX Remix, but in real-time.

“AI for gaming – we already use it for neural graphics, and we can generate pixels based off of few input pixels. We also generate frames between frames – not interpolation, but generation. In the future we’ll even generate textures and objects, and the objects can be of lower quality and we can make them look better. We’ll also generate characters in the games – think of a group of six people, two may be real, and the others may be long-term use AIs. The games will be made with AI, they’ll have AI inside, and you’ll even have the PC become AI using G-Assist. You can use the PC as an AI assistant to help you game. GeForce is the biggest gaming brand in the world, we only see it growing, and a lot of them have AI in some capacity. We can’t wait to let more people have it.”

-NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

According to Jensen, future technology could enable the generation of high-quality textures and object rendering to enhance visual fidelity. While this capability exists through RTX Remix, the new technology would likely operate in real-time, similar to DLSS, and function without gamer intervention.

However, perhaps the most intriguing AI-powered technology NVIDIA has recently developed is ACE, which creates digital humans as NPCs in games that can use generative AI to interact with players. Although ACE shows great promise, it has yet to be adopted by any games outside of some demos.

NVIDIA must remember that AI-generated content is not a replacement for human creativity, but it can assist developers in creating more engaging and immersive games.

Source: More than Moore