Gigabyte Announces RTX 4070 Ti SUPER WINDFORCE MAX With Hidden Power Connector

Gigabyte has introduced a new RTX 40 graphics card, the 4070 Ti SUPER, as part of its Windforce series, known for its budget-friendly options. Notably, this is not the first Windforce model based on this specific NVIDIA SKU.

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The company released the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Windforce OC in January, but the new model has a different appearance and a different GPU clock speed. The ‘MAX’ label seems appropriate here. The 4070 Ti SUPER boasts 8,448 CUDA cores and 16GB of GDDR6X memory. While the original Windforce OC had a boost clock of 2625 MHz (+15 MHz over the reference model), the new Windforce MAX OC offers a boost clock of 2655 MHz (+45 MHz) out of the box.

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A noteworthy detail is that the MAX model, as its name suggests, is significantly larger. It is 7 centimeters longer and 1 centimeter wider, and it’s also slightly thicker. Comparing it to the RTX 4090 WF V2 and 4080 SUPER WF V2, all three cards share the same cooler size. Since the 4070 Ti SUPER uses the AD103 GPU, which is pin-compatible with the larger AD102, many brands reuse their coolers for lower SKUs. This wouldn’t be feasible with the non-SUPER version.

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Aside from cooling, the standout feature of the new MAX design is its “hidden” power connector. Located at the rear and concealed by the cooler, it provides enough room for safe cable connection and bending. This design eliminates the issue of side-mounted power connectors, which require extra space for cable bending. The additional length is utilized effectively, though the cable is still visible, leaving room for improvement. However, this design ensures easy access to the cable. Gigabyte has not yet offered the new Windforce MAX for sale, so pricing remains unknown.


Source & Images: Videocardz