Xiaomi Introduces Loop LiquidCool Cooling Technology

Xiaomi has just come forward with its all new Loop LiquidCool technology. The cooling technology which it claims to be 2 times more efficient than conventional VC solutions will supposedly be the ‘Next generation of heat dissipation.

The company has taken inspiration from cooling solutions utilized in the aerospace industry to develop a technology, which is its latest breakthrough in heat dissipation.

Xiaomi LiqudCool 3

The technology has been reportedly ranked as the most efficient cooling solution for smartphones. The company will be introducing Loop LiquidCool Technology into its products in H2 2022.

The Loop Liquidcool technology comes with an annular heat pipe system consisting of an evaporator, a refill chamber, a condenser along with liquid and gas pipes. All these features make it a self-sustaining system.

Xiaomi LiqudCool 2

The conventional VC systems have combined chambers for gases and liquids, hot gas, and cool liquids, unlike the Loop Liquid Technology design which features a ring shaped pump, reducing air passage resistance by 30%. A smoother steam flow increases the maximum heat transfer capacity by up to 100%. A Tesla valve structure inside the refill chamber ensures one-way high-efficiency circulation.

The flexible form factor makes the Loop LiquidCool Technology adaptable with all sorts of internal designs.

Xiaomi LiqudCool 4

In a 30-minute Genshin Impact gameplay test, the cooling system showed an exceptional result by keeping the device below a max temperature of 47.7℃ whereas the processor was kept 8.6℃ lower than the standard version.