You Can Now Run Windows 10 on ARM Based Apple Macs

We all know how Apple is currently shifting its Macs from Intel x86 to their own silicon processors. The transition has proved to be quite awesome; unfortunately, Boot Camp is not available on the ARM powered Macs yet. It does not mean that new ARM-based Macs are not capable of running Windows; it’s just they haven’t received Microsoft’s licensing policy.

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In case you still want to use Windows 10 on your M1 based Mac, then Parallels Desktop is here to save the day. The latest 16.5 updates of Parallels Desktops has not only added support for Insider preview of Windows 10 on M1 Mac but also allows you to run Linux environments. Although it is not the same experience as using Windows through Bootcamp, Parallels has promised native speeds, and the user will also get other features that come with Parallels Desktop 16, like Coherence Mode.

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Until BootCamp is officially introduced for Apple ARM-based Mac, users will have to use Parallels software as an alternative.

Via XDA-Developers