Zalman Z11 NEO Case Review

The Zalman Z11 NEO Mid-Tower Computer Case is packaged in the usual way as all cases are in this day and time. The front and the back of the Zalman box are identical so I won’t show you two pictures that look the same. I will save your patients for other things more exciting. The box is the Usual double ply corrugated enclosure with lots of packing tape and the Zalman Z11 NEO Picture, logo and unique characteristics of the case.

back Box

On the left side of the case are the complete SPECIFICATIONS of the case and the Model Number and EAN and UPC codes with the serial number of the case that is well laden inside the box.
The right side of the Box has a weight and size of the container and the Features in 8 different languages for the World Market. The handles on both sides are great for lifting the box during shipping.

Sides of case

Opening the bottom of the case exposes that the case is packaged bottoms up with the sides packed in the usual fashion.

Open box bottom

The Styrofoam is really ridged and tightly pressed. I like this as it keeps the case very stable but allows some simple lateral motion during shipping to keep things from cracking and breaking from the usual Courier abuse that seems to be all the Rage these days. Pardon the PUN…

Styrofoam sides

The plastic covering is not body bag grade but it is over specifications for this case. The PE-LD 04 is clearly marked along with the usual warning not to wrap your small children with it and send them off to grandmas.

Plastic Covered

Lastly the shiny areas of the case are protected with an extra layer of plastic on the outside of the extruded window and the top tray of the case.

Acrylic protected

Overall the Zalman Z11 NEO gets our Thinkcomputer’s own “BETTER” Grade of packaging from the (GOOD-BETTER-BEST) classification.

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