Zalman Z11 NEO Case Review

Final Thoughts for the Zalman Z11 NEO Mid-Tower Computer Case
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Okay so the Zalman Z11 NEO is not my LQ-1000 Z machine of my dreams but I must admit I really liked the case and I overlooked a lot of the little quirks that I found with the case. Over all it is quiet and built stronger than most of the Sub 100 dollar cases and it looks like great all lit up. The glow of the top and the hint of the intake vents lit with the cockpit type window slightly smoked makes this case look like its worth much more than the price suggest.

Yes there are some issues that I didn’t like about the case but you know what. This is not a $399.99 dollar case either. This is a sub C-Note case that looks like a $159.00 case. The logo on the sides adds an element of futuristic class and the slight changes to the outside has enhanced this case from the original Z11 offered a few years back.

Still I have to say that there is some more evolutionary work to be done with this on the inside of the case. The reset button can be a real hassle lining it up when you return the top cover back on and the struts inside the case remind me of the struts inside the old CM Stacker cases that we loved to hate so much back in the day, but I regress.

I have to say that I like it. It’s a very human case. It’s not perfect, it could use some improvement and it’s not as much as we expected from our original opinion but at $79.00 Average MSRP its one nice case with lots of class and great airflow and like most humans they make great friends. Overall I have to give the Zalman Z11 NEO a very solid 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Solid classy good looks
– Very well thought out
– Great price point
– Rubber feet and rubber tray slides
– Very quiet case
– Steel is stronger than most sub 100 dollar cases.

– Struts get in the way of the build
– Knock-out PCI slots are not replaceable
– Molex connection on front fan is not motherboard friendly
– Power supply bottom filter could be problematic
– Reset button could break replacing the top, if not aware of the issue

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