2020 27-inch iMac Has Non-Upgradable SSD Modules

Apple has made a very controversial decision that the storage in the recently announced 2020 27-inch iMac will not be upgradable. This move has caused disputes among the users, but Apple will be implementing this decision for their forthcoming 2020 27-inch iMacs. It means that there will be no option to upgrade the storage on your own.

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According to iFun’s (German Website) internally published information, the SSD modules will be directly soldered to the motherboard. It is concluded that it is impossible to remove them and install another SSD of your choice. However, you will be able to upgrade the RAM in your 2020 iMac.

If you need to upgrade the base 512 GB SSD to 8TB, you will have to spend a whopping 2400 dollars extra on your new iMac. This upgrade from the standard 512GB PCIe SSD to 8TB PCIe SSD will cost you more than the new base 27-inch iMac itself which is just absurd.

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The fact that Apple is now restricting the upgradable storage in their new iMac gives us a hint that the same approach will be taken for the upcoming ARM-based Macs. The word is that the first ARM-based iMac is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021. These future iMacs will be powered by the highly anticipated custom Apple Silicon along with a new design.