AMD Radeon Vega On Par With GTX 1080 Ti And TITAN Xp

AMD desktop processor marketing exec Don Woligrosky did a AMA (ask me anything) session with Tom’s Hardware community. He answered quite a lot of questions about AMD’s Ryzen platform, but did not shy away from making a comment about the company’s upcoming high-end graphics card, Radeon Vega, either. He stated, “Vega performance compared to the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp looks really nice”. That means that Vega is on par with NVIDIA’s top two consumer graphics cards the GTX 1080 Ti and TITAN Xp.

radeon vega

While Woligrosky is a desktop processor exec, it is totally possible he has privileged information from other product divisions. It will be very interesting to see how Vega performs when it is released.

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