Antec LanBoard Review

One of the most frustrating things about going to a B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own computer) LAN event is having to carry your system from the car to the setup area.  This can be particularly exhausting if the setup area is a great distance away from the entrance to the building, a prime example, PAX Prime 2010 in Seattle, with the BYOC up on the 6th level of the convention.  Trying to carry my system on my shoulder and my monitor in the other hand was a most exhausting experience, not to mention uncomfortable as it was a very warm day and left me sweating for a good 20 minutes after reaching the line.  Today I take a look at the solution to my problems, the Antec Lanboard.  While wandering around PAX, I stopped by the Antec booth and saw this item sitting on display, instantly knowing I had to try it out.   As soon as I got home and set up my computer, I was on Antec’s website ordering this to my doorstep.

• Supports a fully loaded case of nearly any size (up to 130 lbs)
• Perfect for LAN parties
• Two front locking wheels prevent unwanted drifting
• Includes a convenient carrying strap with molded plastic handle for added portability

• Maximum weight capacity: 130 lb / 60 kg
• Weight: 2.2 lb / 1.0 kg
• Dimensions:    2.7″ (H) x 10.1″ (W) x 16.7″ (D)
68mm (H) x 256mm (W) x 425mm (D)

The Antec Lanboard comes in a clamshell packaging with 2 metal rivets on the side and 2 push to close/pull to open indents to seal the top. The package was easy to open with no scissors needed, which was quite a surprise after I had gone searching for scissors in anticipation of my previous experience opening clam shelled and heat sealed containers. The front of the packaging has touts Antec’s product motto  “Taking your PC to New Places” and also includes some images displaying the functionality of the lanboard (i.e. being able to rotate 360 degrees in a circle, moving forwards and backwards, as well as the locking wheels). The backside lists the functions and specification listed above as well as a brief product description.

Antec LanBoard Antec LanBoard

Opening the package reveals the plastic molded lanboard and a fabric weaved carrying strap with a hard plastic molded handle.

Antec LanBoard