Antec P70 Case Review

The packaging for the Antec P70 is not abnormal but they don’t have hand holds on the sides. This is great for keeping the inside clean and neat but as you will see in a few lines there is a great reason why they put those in. The box is double layered corrigated usual boxing and well packaged though carrying it will require you to hold it the old fashioned way. You are likely to walk blind as a bat as you walk to the area where you unpack it. But the packaging is very well done.

The front of the case box of the Antec P70 is plain and simple with a picture of the product, the name of the product and the Antec Logo in a blacked out line down the side.

front of box

Here is the part I am talking about. The sides are without handles and really they need to be there or someone will have to make one for them as someone in route did.

The sides are very clean and informative for anyone with a drawing of the Case front on one side and an open side view on the other. The feature of having fan controllers and USB 3 is plainly noted on the one side with more description in a few different languages down below.

Both Sides of box

No… That is not a mouse hole at the top of the case. That is a finger hold that some carrier made during shipment. This is why we have hand holds but Antec makes the locations of the hand holds optional on this case.

The Exploded view of this case is really well done. The parts are numbered and the legend at the bottom is a virtual “Rosetta Stone” of different languages describing each part.

Box Back

Here is the first look inside the bottom of the box. This is a back of the case / down configuration.

Open box bottom

The Styrofoam is a cheap packaging medium but it keeps the cost down and it gets the case to the consumer without many problems so it’s perfect for this case. Just enough is okay in packaging.

Styro Surround case

On one slab of the Styrofoam there is a part here that is optional use only. This little cover will completely cover the top blow holes if you want more of a silent running.

Cover in Styrofoam

In the end it always comes down to the plastic. This plastic is strong and sturdy and you could swing this case at a would be intruder and the bag would hold if you needed time for the police to answer that 911 call you just made from the home invasion.

Plastic Covered

Overall in the (GOOD/BETTER/BEST) ThinkComputers RATING SYSTEM, I would have to just put this in the GOOD category for the lack of hand holds on the sides. Otherwise it would have gotten a much higher rating. Good job Antec.

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