Antec P70 Case Review

Final Thoughts
I am not fond of cheap cases but if I had to use one and a customer wanted to use the Antec P70 I would say that would be fine. It is a classic econ-o-box case with silent fans and a nice clean exterior and plenty of breathing ability.

If you want a case that is silent then you get what you paid for. I could hear every move my Radeon 5770 made but the Antec fans were surprisingly silent and better than I expected. The top 240 X 120 blow hole air vent really pulled the air out of the case and worked really well and silently, but you build must be silent to get pure Nirvana.

The metal is thin and the panels and frame rails can and will bend with your hand so be careful with this case if you are building in it so you don’t crease the metal panels but if you bend them some that is just fine because bending it back into place is effortless.

The paint on the case is excellent. The look of the case is clean and the feet are good looking and have plenty of room for adding more rubber on the bottom if you decide to add some.

I must admit I know that the Antec P70 is an econ-o-box but I thought knock out PCI slot went extinct with the DODO bird about a 150 years ago, but no problem, just be really careful to determine the placement of what you are installing onto your board before knocking them out like I did and you will be fine.

One other peeve I had with this case was that there is a P8 access hole in the top corner, but it is completely useless since routing a wire behind the case might bend the metal enough to void your warranty, which leads me to a final fault. The Warranty is only 60 days and cost a twenty percent restocking fee if you decide that you can’t use this case for a fault of yours or the manufacturer through but after some digging I found that Antec advertises this case with an AQ3 Warranty that is a 3 year limited warranty but you will have to go through Antec for that.

Right now you can pick up the P70 at my favorite online retailer for $59.80. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Antec P70 Case a solid 8 out of 10 score.

– Nice look
– Silent fans
– 3 position fan control (off, low and high)
– Stable footing

– 158mm clearance for air cooler
– Knock out PCI slots inserts
– No internal insulation as described in brochures
– Metal is light weight and easy to bend like all other econ-o-boxes.

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