Antec P70 Case Review

Inside the Antec P70
Since this is a non windowed case wire management is not a big issue. All of the control wires of the Antec P70 is the flat ribbon type and that is great since there is only 1/4 of an inches clearance on the edges for them all to fit down the side of the case. The back of the motherboard tray has a back access CPU cooler replacement hole.

You can see from this picture that The rear PCI Slots are the knock-out style so be sure you know which slots you will be using or you will have an empty PCI slot hole in the back that you may not want. There is really no need for any wire management in this case but if you buy a power supply with the flat ribbon wiring that would be best for this case as the P4/P8 wire will not have much head room in the back of the motherboard tray side.

Side build view

As a builder I would not advise that you run any wires behind the motherboard unless they are control wires or the P4-P8 wire for the motherboard. There is not any window in the version so wire management is not an issue. You can make a birds nest in the case and no one will be the wiser. Just leave some breathing room for the airflow and you will be golden.

I also removed the top panel to expose the two 12cm exhaust fans that I call a blow hole. These can be moved to the front if you want and the vents can be closed off if you desire that configuation leaving the back 12cm exhaust fan in the back for air flow. In a small economical system without a discrete graphics card you might want to go with the front back airflow option with the Power supply at the bottom exhausting air at the bottom of the case.

Cage Back
The front has the non removable drive bay at the bottom so the bottom 12 or 14cm intake fan that you install will be primarily keeping the drives cool. There is only one SSD placement at the top of the hard drive module and that should be enough for an econ-o-build. The top fan has built in fan shroud that can trap dust and debris over time and also the type is actually a resistance to the air being drawn in from the front. The good part is that it adds to the structural integrity of the case frame but if I bought I would cut that part out first thing with a pair of side cutters.

Front of Case front cover removed
Inside of the front panel is simple. There is a the typical drive bay covers at the top with the light lens above them for the activity and the power. There is a small 3.5 inch Reader placement on the third panel and an internal variable 3.5 inch mount for a card reader to be installed easily.

Lower we find the snap out removable cleaning friendly dust filtration panel that is held in by two plastic tabs at the bottom and a plastic locking tab at the top. The Filter element is reinforced honeycombed plastic with a mesh glued to that frame.

Front cover with and without filter
A closer look at the top part of the panel reveals the placement and locking tabs for the panels and the filter lock assembly.

Front inside ODD

Exhaust is really nice with this system as the Antec P70’s top 12cm fans are 7 blade high volume fans that move a lot of air even at slower speeds helping to keep this case both cool and quiet.

Top 120 x 2 fans

The rear exhaust is exactly what you would expect but what you don’t expect is the near silent running of these fans.

Rear 120 Exhaust

There is only one SSD drive mount on the Antec P70 and it has sharp triangular holds on the right to hold the drive while you drop it down into place and screw it down with the hardware provided in the case hardware bag.

SSD Drive mount

I would not give the Antec P70 high marks on air resistance in the front but you probably won’t be adding a fan or two in the front of the build but if you do you can set them on slow and they will be fine.

Front of Case front cover removed

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