Antec P70 Case Review

The Antec P70
The overall look of the Antec P70 is quite appealing. The very extreme flush front fits so nice and the Antec logo imbedded in the bottom adds some class to this true econ-o-box frame but its not a case that you would want to hide from the look; its looks very nice for the price.

Featured Image

Here you can see what I mean about the front clean tidy flush look. It’s very high quality looking and defies its price range.

The back is more telling with the Knock-Out style PCI slots. The 6.5 inch long power supply is perfect fit for a fan down mounting and the filter at the bottom is a nice slide in and slide out type but it is accessed, so if you might be putting this in a confined area you may want to consider mounting the PSU fan up.

There is the usual Flat top design where the I/O Shield port is located and the top switch is not hooked to anything and at this point in the review the nearest I can figure is it might be a lock for the top panel but it doesn’t seem to do anything but look cool from here. Maybe its a way to dislodge the vent cover if you apply it and then later decide to take it out but to this moment I am not sure what that switch latch or whatever it is purpose is.

Front and Back

The back panel shown here has me slightly worried as there is only 1/4 of an inch of clearance behind the case for wires especially for the P4 or P8 wiring. We will see how that works out in the build phase. One thing sure is the panels could be very flexible as the metal they are made of it quite thin.

Side view wire management side

The side panels are identical and I should have gotten both of these photos in the same shot but I didn’t and here they are. They are very thin and they do not have any insulation as it stated in the main description. Truth be told, there is no insulation on any of the panels of this case but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater here. This case is still not bad at all for econ-o-boxes believe you me.

Side view build side

The bottom view shows the power supply fan vent if you choose to build fan down with this build. The shorter PSU’s are perfect for the Antec P70 in the fan down position and the front face removal handle is seen at the top of the picture on the bottom of the case as well. Each of the feel have a rubber piece stuck to the bottom but if you wanted more you could add 3 more to each foot for maximum stability.

The top is shown with the front face off and to the side. The controls are nicely made into the theme of the case and the USB and the Mic. and headset I/O ports have rubber inserts that can be installed to keep drink spills from killing the build. The top also comes with two Antec 120mm fans at the top for blowholes but water cooling radiators at the top will not fit with this Flat Top type case. These fans can be moved to the front and the top can be closed off by that additional cover included that you saw earlier in the review of the packaging. It fits into the vent holes and locks in to make the top of the case more liquid resistant if needed.

Top and bottom of case

One of the focal points of this case is the control panel. It really is a nice look and the top three switches is dedicated to fan speed. Low/Off/High are the only positions for this fan controller but its nice to be able to control the fans from the top in the winter and the summer months.

Also as I have mentioned before each of the USB 3.0 have Rubber inserts.. (Not shown here) Both the Mic and the Headphone rubber inserts are in to show how they look. They are not attached to anything so be careful not to lose them but they do add a great feature for a top plug control unit making it easier to clean up after that early morning coffee spill in the office.

Also for those geeky enough to understand what I am talking about the control panel and is grounded to the frame to make a quick trip to ground just encase you are full of static from that carpeted floor in that dry environment.

Controls explained

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