Antec P70 Case Review

Building into the Antec P70 Black Computer Case

The Build we will be using in the Antec P70 will be the following parts.

– Prolimatech PRO-MGH-C Megahalems Revision C CPU Cooler (130mm x 74mm x 158.7mm)
– OCZ FATAL1TY 550 Watt Power Supply
– Intel Pentium G3258 Haswell Dual-Core 3.2GHz LGA 1150 53W
– CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
– GIGABYTE / GA-Z87X-UD3H Motherboard
– Sapphire 5770 Video Card
– SAMSUNG 850 Pro Series MZ-7KE128BW 2.5″ 128GB SATA III
– ASUS Multi-layer DVD RW
– WD BLACK SERIES WD3003FZEX 3TB 7200 RPM Mechanical hard drive

Full build

If I had to describe the build tolerances of the Antec P70 with one word that word would be (Tight). The motherboard fits to a degree that razor blades should be used for caliper tools. The board fits perfectly into place so if you go ATX motherboard, make sure it is a true ATX Form Factor; 30.5cm x 24.4cm or (12in. x 9.6in). The CPU Cooler is a 158.7mm tall cooler and it fit but I would not try anything taller. Stay under 158mm to be truly safe.

Knockouts from the inside

Since there is little room if no room in the back for anything other than ribbon type cable I would suggest you try to make a neat wiring on the inside over the motherboard since there is not a window to display your system inside so no need to really make a great deal about wire management.

PCI Slots knock outs

Hardware is enough to fit all you need even if you plan on adding another front fan or two. The Hard drive rails are not complicated; short for right hand and long locking for left hand.

The wire ties may remind you of the bread ties that you have on a loaf of bread but at least Antec gives you plenty of them to work with.


Wiring the internal power and control wires are simple to understand and made of ribbon cable to run behind the board if you need to. But don’t try to run round multiple cables behind the motherboard tray unless you absolutely have to.

Wire Pinouts

These round white hardware on the top drive mount assembly are movable tie down mounts for an ODD drive or some other 5.25 inch device. Lining things up is very easy and better than most of the tool-less designs I have seen with cases even twice this cost. These white mounts will hold down fast and tight to control noise of the drives installed.

There are screws inside of them and you can tighten them with your fingers and a small Phillips head screw driver.

Antec P70 page 1z

In front of the Antec P70’s face there are two LED’s; one power and one hard drive activity light.
They are mounted on an inner unit and are on either side of these front 3 lenses that give a Knight Ryder or a Cylon look. The lenses at each side are small and the middle one is for effect and does a fine job of making the build look professional and store bought.

Front panel lights

As we tested this build we found that the sound from the video cards fan was the only thing that could be heard. The two stage fans ran silent at both high and low settings.

Top fans

We did the fan mount down in this unit and the size of the Power Supply needs to be the standard 6 inch long style for it two breath on the bottom; thus mount the PSU fan up.

Power wire management

Note… The light you see lighting the underside of the video card unit and between the power supply is my own light to show the build tolerance of the case and is not included in the Antec P70 Unit.

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