Apple iPod Nano 8GB (5th Generation) Review

Final Thoughts
I actually had the first iPod Nano and it has sure come a long way since then! That iPod only really played music that was it. With this iPod you can play music, movies, listen to the radio, play games, record video, check the time, have a calendar, and even track your steps with the pedometer. It has really evolved over the years to become more than just a simple MP3 player.

Even if you don’t need all those extra features from my experience looking at other MP3 players the iPod is a far superior and better looking MP3 player than anything else out there. As I said everyone I know that has an MP3 player has an iPod. Style and feature-wise there is no other choice than an iPod.

This is the 5th generation iPod Nano so what has Apple done to improve over the 4th generation. The design of the 4th generation is much the same, but Apple has done a lot to set the 5th generation apart. First they made it look a lot better with the polished aluminum finish. It really makes the iPod stand out! Two other huge changes were the inclusion of a video camera and a FM tuner, things that have never been on an iPod before!

Right now you can get the 8GB iPod Nano from for $119.99 used or you can get it brand new directly from Apple for $149. Both are great prices for a really great product. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Apple iPod Nano 8GB (5th Generation) a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating10 10 small TC award recommended small

– Great design
– Plays both video and audio
– FM tuner
– External speaker
– Included video camera

– None!

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