Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to Feature Dual 8K Displays And Eye-Tracking

For quite a while Rumors of Apple penetrating the AR and VR market have been making rounds and some more information has appeared online.

drawing of apple augmented and virtual reality headset

Back in January, Bloomberg also reported about Apple “building a high-end, niche product that will prepare outside developers and consumers for its eventual, more mainstream AR glasses.”

A source at The Information claims that the upcoming device will feature eye-tracking technology for foveated rendering and 8K resolution. The source also claims that more than a dozen cameras will be installed in the headset to track hand movements and showing a video of the real world to people wearing it. Apple could price it at $3000.

hero apple augmented and virtual reality headset

The high price will make the product limited to large companies or development studios. It will compete against aging Microsoft HoloLens 2. If the information about the specs is true then this device could just change the whole AR and VR market.

Via The Information