ASUS Maximus VI Gene Motherboard Review

Included Software & Features
ASUS always tries to bring added value with their software that they include with their motherboard. Again this software is exactly the same set of software that we saw with the Maximus VI Hero so here is a video going over the AI Suite III, RAMDisk and Mem TweakIT software.

Another Republic of Gamers exclusive is the Game First II software. This software allows you full control over your network adapters. We go into detail in the video below.

ROG Connect has been on Republic of Gamers motherboard for a while and it allows your to tweak and monitor your system with another computer such as a laptop using a USB cable. Funny thing ASUS does not include a USB cable to do this, but we had our own. Once you have both systems connected via USB you press the ROG Connect button on the back of the motherboard and you will be able to use the ROG Connect software. From here you can tweak your system to your liking, remotely turn the system on or off and even see the POST codes on the board and what they mean.


The USB 3.0 boost will make your USB 3.0 devices even faster! Don’t believe us? Check out the graph below showing you our USB 3.0 drive in normal mode then again in Turbo mode.



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