Best and Worst PC Games

Why let the consoles get all the glory when your PC provides so many great – and quite a few terrible – games.

Here are five good, five bad games for your PC.

Best: Borderlands

The first of two thrillers set in Pandora, home to thieves and bandits and where chaos reigns supreme. It’s a role playing game that brings in elements from other genres making this title pop. A tense and threatening story of villains and antiheroes, weapons and treasure this is not one for the faint hearted. But if you like your horror glossy, you’ll love this – we did!

Best: Minecraft

One of the biggest hit games of all time, and really designed especially for PC, Minecraft is a glorious testament to imagination. A sandbox style adventure game where you simulate life in a world full of various characters of the night who are, unsurprisingly, out to get you. Youngsters especially enjoy the co-operative capabilities. Simply brilliant and, with a movie on the way, one that will stay relevant for some time yet.

Best: Texas hold’em Poker Plus

For anyone looking to develop their online poker skills, this is not only a fun game but will also help in that respect. We think it’s the best online poker simulator out there because it skilfully replicates a realistic online poker environment and, crucially for rookies, is a free play site too. All you need to do is download from the Windows store and off you go. Before you know it, you’ll be a high roller in the big leagues.

This game will get you hooked into the game of poker, it will build your strategic skills where you can onto playing for real money – like what many fans have done. Sites like Usa.Poker will give you the best tips to get you started and you will be able to play on the go.

Best: Hearthstone

This strategy based game is popular among poker pros Bernard “ElkY” Grosspellier and Daniel Negreanu due to similar characteristics. It’s a free to play beauty that online poker owes a lot to but most of all it’s a lot of fun. Possibly its greatest achievement is that gameplay is entirely reliant on your brain. It’s about deck-building and reading others in order to pre-empt your opponent, reacting properly and knowing the odds. It will take quite a lot of dedication to gather a worthy amount of cards, but as your skill at the game improves, so too will your stack.

Best: Skyrim

As one of the most popular games of its type, this open world epic needs no introduction from us. With endless battles and stories, this luscious detailed dragon filed game, is a real gem and, with continuous updates, only gets better with age.

Worst: Grand Theft Normo V

While it’s clear what the developers were chasing when they dreamed up this car crash of a video game, this falls so, so, so far wide of its target mark that it doesn’t deserve to relate itself to the original GTA series. Unless of course, it was meant as a satirical reference point to mirror the original so that the designers could reflect on the societal impact of their creation. Yeah, maybe that was it.

Worst: Super Mario Kart Grid

As its picture denotes, this is Mario Kart if Mario Kart had been designed at playschool by four year olds. Absolutely shockingly bad photo shopped characters pasted onto various shapes that are meant to be vehicles that “race” from one side of your PC screen to the other. Things have never been worse for everyone’s favourite Italian plumber.

Worst: Pong Toss

This actually isn’t a bad game as such, at least not compared to others in the list anyway, however its jus so damn boooring. Bouncing ping pong balls into a cup on a table is hardly blockbusting entertainment at the best of times, but remove the beer from the game and it’s simply a snooze fest. Why the makers thought this would transfer to a video game, I have no idea but kudos for trying anyway lads.

Worst: Beestmeel

Ouch, the horror. Beestmeel is a pure full frontal assault on all video games and we’re lucky to still have them after this which could, entirely justifiably, have destroyed the industry as a medium in one fell swoop. With the worst characters imaginable and a musical score that makes to want to remove your ears pre-play, and, well just about every other aspect that makes a game a game, this really might be one of the worst things to happen. Ever. For the record, three more (and equally crap) titles in the series have been released since then. Boo.

Worst: Fester’s Quest

Wah? By far the best thing about this stinker is the name which might just be the whole reason the whole damn smelly mess was created in the first place. Fester’s Quest is a clever title but the game that follows it is pure crap. Uncle Fester, yes, Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, plays the title role, looking a little like a digital Twins era Danny DeVito, and his quest is to save the world form aliens for some reason. On top of the god awful gameplay and ultra-bad graphics and equally dreadful musical score, it’s horribly difficult and unfair. A nightmare yes, but not in the way the inventors had hoped.

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