CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

It’s seldom in the world of electronics a product lives up to the hype that we as individuals can bestow on something. One of the greatest skills in being a reviewer is the fact that I have to have the ability to overlook personal preference on things and look at them objectively as if I wasn’t truly using the product myself. The CM Storm Trigger is a product that no matter how I look at it, from an outside perspective or from my own expectations, it lives up to the hype that I originally bestowed upon it.

The Trigger is the crème de la crème of gaming keyboards. When you look at the whole package of things required in making a keyboard a good gaming keyboard it hits the mark in every category. If you’ve read my keyboard reviews in the past you know that I only harp on a couple major points when it comes to a solid input device. You’ll also know that I always place the biggest focus on comfort.

Cooler Master must have heard my cries because the Trigger’s biggest aspect seemed to be focused on my personal flame. For me, the Trigger has permanently set the bar for comfort on any input device. Growing up I was the dorky kid that used the split keyboard. Yes, I used the same keyboard your mom used at her secretary job at the office. You can make fun of me all you want but to this day I feel that if you do a metric shit-ton of typing there is no better style keyboard to use. The latest version of the split style keyboard I’ve used featured a leather wrist-rest. Nice, huh? Jealous, huh? Okay, maybe not, but up until I used the Trigger I would argue with anyone who used a standard style keyboard that my split style was more comfortable option for typing. Let me sum it up like this… I still have my leather split-style keyboard at my day job and when I type on it I now pine for my Trigger sitting at home.

Something about a combination of the texture of each key, the illumination of each key, the perfect amount of force-feedback you receive from each keystroke and the enormous wrist-rest add up to me crowning the Trigger the king of gaming keyboards. The best part about the Trigger is that it doesn’t stop there. Cooler Master also threw in a braided USB cable that is removable right from the back of the device and a 2 port USB hub. That’s like going to get ice cream and ordering a large cone with rainbow sprinkles only to have the guy behind the counter offer to put more sprinkles on after you licked them all off, pho free.

Even with the “fault” of not including the power adapter for higher voltage USB applications the Trigger is leaps and bounds beyond any other keyboard I’ve tested. If $20.00 USD is all that separates me from the Quick Fire Pro, which was a solid gaming keyboard, and the Trigger, I’ll drop the extra Jackson (Annie are you okay?) every time. You can find the CM Storm Trigger Illuminated Gaming Keyboard at my favorite online retailer for around $100.00. HONESTLY, if you are in the market for a new gaming keyboard and you don’t consider the Trigger… you shouldn’t be playing PC games.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the CM Storm Trigger Gaming Keyboard a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award as well as our Good Value Award!

·         Extremely Comfortable
·         Solid Construction
·         Built-in USB Hub
·         Braided Removable USB Cable
·         Respectable Software
·         USB Hub DC Power Supply Not Included

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