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Cygnett WorkMate Pro iPhone 4 Case Review

Installation & Usage
To give you a great idea of how easy this case is to get on your iPhone 4, here is a video showing the process.  It does take a little longer than some cases, but overall is very easy.

I have been using the Cygnett WorkMate Pro for about a week now and I really do like it.  The dual-layer design provides great protection.  I actually dropped my phone a few times during the past week.  One of the times was really bad and there is not a single scratch on my iPhone at all.

The case is really easy to carry around and is comfortable.  The dual-design really makes it comfortable with part of the silicone case coming out of the back of the case.  This provides a “grip” that makes the case extremely easy to carry.  All of the openings in the case are large enough for the connectors and I didn’t have an issue with the camera or flash either.

Final Thoughts
I am really impressed with the WorkMate Pro case, especially since I had never heard of Cygnett before.  This case not only looks cool, but provides some of the best protection you will find in a case like this.  The next step up is a heavy duty case like the ones from Otterbox, but those are very bulky and ugly.  This case is going to be able to withstand pretty much everything you are going to throw at it, unless you plan to throw your phone off a building or something like that.  Also keep in mind you also get a screen protector with the case.

I really like that this case is not that bulky.  An iPhone is an investment and you want to protect it, but you don’t want something that is super bulky and just annoying to carry with you.  This case is a perfect mix of protection and style.

The case has all of the appropriate openings for all of the connections and buttons.  There really is nothing bad about this case, except maybe the fact installation takes a little longer than other cases.  If you are looking for superior protection over the normal case then the WorkMate Pro is for you.  This case is also amazingly $19.99 online!  You can’t beat that price!  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cygnett WorkMate Pro iPhone 4 case a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!

– Dual-layer design provides superior protection
– Great price
– Very comfortable to hold and carr
– Looks cool

– Takes a little longer than normal to install

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