Drop + Lord of the Rings Mordor Artisan Keycaps Review

As if the Drop + Lord of the Rings Black Speech mechanical keyboard wasn’t cool enough on its own, we have access to three Mordor-themed artisan keycaps to go along with it. If you fancy yourself a bit of a villain, then check out these three artisan keycaps that are sure to add a nice touch of flair to either your existing setup, or the Black Speech keyboard. These keycaps are going to take a dedicated LOTR fan, but I think there are enough Tolkien fans in the world that are also in possession of a mechanical keyboard that these should prove to be quite popular.

Special thanks to Drop for providing us with the three Mordor Artisan Keycap samples!


  • Handcrafted by Dwarf Factory
  • Material – Resin
  • Profile – SA R1
  • Compatibility – Cherry MX and clones
  • Packaging

    Each keycap comes in its own small sleeve and box combo that adds a nice touch to the unboxing experience of these artisan wares. Some simple Drop and LOTR branding is on the top/front of the box, and a small black ribbon sticks out from the side to allow for easy removal of the inner box.

    Drop+LOTR Keycaps

    The keycap is securely placed within a foam block with a cutout that is sized just right to keep it in place. You don’t have to worry about your keycap that you paid good money for getting damaged in transit or otherwise, as there should be plenty of foam and cardboard surrounding it to be safe from all but the worst of shipping disasters.

    Drop+LOTR Keycaps


    Along with the keycap is a nice bundle of accessories to go with it. Two black latex finger covers are provided to give you a bit of extra grip on the smooth surface of the keycap during installation. A small sticker sheet with four stickers is available to help fix loose fittings on switch stems – I really like this inclusion to make sure the new keycap is secure on your keyboard. There is also a small manual with great tips for installing your new keycap, as well as a Dwarf Factory sticker.

    Drop+LOTR Keycaps