Future Home: 4 Techie Approved Décor Investments

Tech-forward décor is often associated with industrial styles – lots of metal, exposed brick, and plain wood – but there’s no reason to limit your options to this barebones aesthetic. No, in today’s marketplace, there are plenty of attractive and functional options. If you’re looking for some new home furnishings, these four techie approved options will make your home the hot place to hang out.

Let Your Colors Show

There are tons of smart lighting options on the market today, including basic color-changing bulbs and lights that can be controlled from your phone, but not all smart lamps are created equal. That’s why, for a really impressive lighting option, opt for the WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp.

The WiZ Smart Lamp is sleek, with a style similar to that of many smart speakers, and lights up in different colors. It’s also compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. Its multi-hued effect also makes this lamp the perfect option for social gatherings, as well as for use as a night light.

The Future Of Heating

If industrial spaces are about bare, sleek design, fireplaces are precisely the opposite. Associated with rustic homes, fireplaces are about as old-fashioned as you can get, and yet, while we’ve ditched woodstoves and other outdated technology, fireplaces persist.

For those who want to upgrade their home heating style while maintaining some of the visual interest of a fireplace, consider updating your home with an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces can be built into the wall, allow users to modify the flame color, and use materials that are more compatible with today’s high-tech households.

Look Beyond With Transparency

One of the coolest things about electric fireplaces is that some of them are transparent; installed into a wall between two rooms, you can look between them and enjoy the glow wherever you are. It’s not just fireplaces that have gone transparent, though. Now, you can also purchase transparent TVs for a futuristic look. Paired with inset speakers and an electronics closet, your TV can be nearly invisible – at least until you turn on that plasma display.

Think Transformable Materials

If you’ve ever watched a futuristic movie, you’ve likely noticed that multifunctionality and transformation are common themes; we like objects to fill multiple roles. In fact, even today, this is precisely what we love about our smart phones – it’s a super computer we can keep in our pockets. At home, though, transformation is often reduced to pullout couches and Murphy beds, and it’s time to think more creatively, maybe even starting with your walls.

In the new tech-centered home, you’ll see this emphasis on transformation in elements like the Change It! pixel wall, a prism-based structure that can change colors so that you’ll never have to paint again. Or, for those interested in a more tactile option, there’s also the Miranda surface tile which allows you to shift the material around to create images in the surface. Forget hanging up art – now you can make your own.

There’s nothing wrong with traditional home décor options or even industrial design, but with so many material innovations now widely available, why limit yourself to analog elements. We’re living in a future that few could have imagined and your home should take advantage of that.

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