Gamers, live up your Gaming moments with a VPN

Gaming has become diversified and global. Thanks to the internet, gamers from around the world, connected via a single network, compete in teams to fight for glory. It has become a million-dollar profession, and many gamers have made a name in it. There’s nothing wrong to make gaming a profession. As all of us have the right to follow our passion and dreams.

Gamers have a lot on their plate than just making strategies to defeat the enemy. They have to face geo-restrictions, time issues and what not. Many worth-playing games released earlier in some region while later in other regions. Worst of all, these games are sometimes restricted in many regions of the world. If you are unfortunate gamer living in the list of the restricted region, you will need to search for a solution.

One more reason why a solid solution for gaming is always required is distance. Let say you are an Asian, and you want to play the game on an American server, what will you do? Well, there’s one way – mask your Asian IP with an American IP.

A VPN to the Rescue

Is it possible to play your favorite game peacefully if there are thousands of problems like this standing in your way? Well, certainly NO! To avoid these problems, there’s only one perfect solution – a VPN. Being the magical warrior, VPN helps improving gaming experience significantly.

Let’s understand some technical aspects of this revolutionary technology. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a combination of servers placed at diversified locations creating a private network to route users’ traffic safely and anonymously to the destination website. It also enables users to send and receive data across that public network or shared network as if the respective computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

This VPN technology was invented to allow the remote users and branch offices to access to the corporate applications and resources. A VPN is created by establishing a point-to-point connection virtually through the use of dedicated circuits or with tunneling protocols over an existing network. Well, a VPN available from the public internet can provide some of the benefits of the Wide Area Network or WAN.

Now, its time to find out what benefits a VPN can provide to gamers.

Before moving ahead, let us give you advice. While gaming online, never connect to a free VPN. Always use a paid VPN service.

As mentioned earlier, the releasing dates of certain games become painful. Everybody wants to put their hands on the newest games as soon as possible. But in most cases, your friend in the USA gets the second series of the game before you. Worst of all, they love to give you spoilers. How a can VPN help you here? The answer is simple. Connect the VPN, select USA server and purchase the game as if you are not an Asian but an American.


Another significant benefit that a gamer will get with a VPN is while they are traveling. Sometimes, you do not know, how long will you stay in a foreign country? If you get bored? What if you want to play your favorite game? In all these cases, a VPN will always keep you connected to your home with the same country IP.

Now imagine, a new PlayStation Network exclusive or Xbox live exclusive has come out. You may be in a place where it is hard to get connected. Have no fear when VPN is there! Just connect the VPN and enjoy the Xbox live or PSN exclusive from any part of the world at any time!

Another scenario – Consider, you get a chance to play an MMORPG with your friends, and as soon as you connect to a server, you see that your region is blocked! Disappointing, right? Not a big deal when you have a VPN with you. Connect to the server of the region where the game is available and play as you like.

Well, online gaming servers continuously need to get attention from the admins. They monitor the performance and security. Patching on the server occurs very frequently, both at the server end and the gaming client. What if there’s a vulnerability in the server and a deadly hacker find it? You never know, the hacker will exploit it in no time. The hacker can easily hack into your game, not only spoil your experience, but also damage your game, and steal your personal information.

A VPN helps you encrypt your internet connection as well as it hides your real IP with one of VPN servers’ IP. This way no one, not even your ISP can track your digital footprints.

When we say ISP, there’s one issue attached with them as well that can affect your gaming experience badly. ISPs throttle your internet connection for many reasons. When you have no speed, you have no gaming delights. One thing for sure, with slow internet speed, you will be dead sooner then you know it. The ISPs use throttling to reduce overuse and network congestion so that they can give everyone a smooth experience. However, it will surely affect your gaming experience. Again VPN to the rescue! Using a VPN will make your data packets encrypted, and thus your ISP will not monitor you. Therefore you will not face any throttling. Gaming on!!

The moral of the story

If you are a nerdy-gamer, all you need is a highly optimized gaming VPN. VPN will solve all your gaming issues related to restrictions, saving cost on your favorite software or hardware, boosting speed, avoid ISP throttling and playing games even if you are traveling. Surely VPNs significantly increase your gaming experience. Don’t waste more time and get the best VPN service for your MMORPG games.

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