Gigabyte Z590 Vision G Motherboard Review

Lights & Software

When it comes to lighting on the board you only have RGB lighting on the rear I/O cover and it is a simple line. It still brings a little flash to the board though.

Gigabyte Z590 Vision G Motherboard Gigabyte Z590 Vision G Motherboard

Gigabyte uses their APP Center to download and organize all of their companion software. Typically it would allow me to download all of the apps and drivers for the Z590 Vision G, but for some reason it would just say “Your version is the latest version” and not list any drivers or apps to download. I found this very odd as the AORUS version of the software had no issues downloading apps and software for our Z590 AORUS Master.

z590 vision g ss1

Gigabyte’s main motherboard companion software is still EasyTune. On the main screen we have set a Smart Boost setting.

z590 vision g ss2

The second tab is Advanced CPU OC, which gives you settings for CPU frequency, voltages, and power limits.

z590 vision g ss3

After that we have Advanced DDR OC, which has all of the settings for your memory.

z590 vision g ss4

Finally we have Advanced Power. Here you can set your current protections and loadline calibration.

z590 vision g ss5

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