Intel i7-12650H 10-core “Alder Lake-P” CPU Will Feature Fewer Cores Than i5-12500H

The 10-core Alder Lake-P CPU, Intel i7-12650H is rumored to include fewer cores than the 12-core i5-12500H.

Intel Core i7 12650H Specs

The “Alder Lake-P” series of the Intel 12th Gen Core is becoming harder to understand as time goes on. The incorporation of Golden Cove (performance/bigger) cores with the Gracemount (small/atom) core is intended to make the next generation laptops more power efficient. Earlier, this technology has been tested in mobile phones but has never been included in 45Wx86 based laptops. Considering the above fact, choosing between putting 12 or 10 cores in CPUs is not a simple decision as it seems to be.

Intel Core i7 12650H Specs iGPU

Core i7-12650H has just appeared on the Geekbench website. The CPU, or to be more accurate, its integrated graphics system was put to test in an OpenCL test. The most beneficial part of the effort was the specifications of this brand new CPU have been recorded. We, now, are able to include the findings in our Alder Lake CPUs list.

Intel Core i7 12650H Specs iGPU2

Here, the statistics began to become complicated. The i7-12650H has fewer cores(10) than the i5-12500H(12). But as we dive deep into the specifications, 12600H has more cores dedicated to performance but lesser cores dedicated for efficiency. This translates into the CPU performing better in heavy tasks and this is believed to be the only specification for the inclusion of this part in the Core i7 series rather than Core i5.

Intel Core i7 12650H Specs iGPU3

Xe-LP graphics that are integrated with 64 Execution Units perform equally as the Geforce GTX 760 and Radeon RX 550, so it’s an entry-level part for sure. Keeping the above-mentioned information into consideration, this CPU is most likely to be launched with a distinct GPU option.

Via Geekbench