Intel Will Disclose More Details on Meteor/Arrow Lake At HotChips 34

The schedule for the upcoming “Hot Chips” symposium has been revealed to some extent. From what we know, speakers from Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD will be present for the talks; the conferences will majorly focus on accelerated computing, data centers, and graphics processor technology. Wilfred Gomes is expected to give a speech on August 23rd and will talk about the Meteor Lake as well as the Arrow Lake, mainly focusing on Foveros which is the 3D packing technology.

meteor lake 2022

Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake are the two new architectures which are going to be based on the latest hybrid tiled architecture featuring disaggregated IP blocks. The Meteor Lake will be released in 2023 while the Arrow Lake will be released by the year 2024.

Both the architectures are going to make use of the Intel 4 and Intel 20A process technologies while also using the external N3 process. The general opinion right now is that both these architectures are going to have the same platform which will be similar to the one used on the Alder as well as the Raptor Lake which is yet to be released.

As per the latest news from Intel, Meteor Lake has successfully booted in ChromeOS, Linux, and Windows. As far as architecture development is concerned, this seems to be quite a milestone achieved. As expected, the architecture will first launch for the mobile platform and then for the desktop.

Meteor Lake Arrow Lake

As far as Intel’s 14th and 15th Gen Core is concerned, both these will focus on the graphics. Both these will be the first from Intel which will feature the Xe-HPG gaming architecture which has proven to be more capable. Some rumors are circulating around that the Arrow Lake-P will possibly come with 320 Execution Units, making it three times more than what the Alder Lake comes with.