Intel’s Next-Gen Battlemage GPU Test Tools Leaked

Test tools for Intel’s upcoming Battlemage GPUs, set to be integrated into the 2024 Arc gaming series, have been leaked on the internet.

Intel’s DesigninTools webpage showcased a pair of test tools intended for Battlemage GPUs. These sets, named BGA2362-BMG-X2 and BGA2727-BMG-X3-6CH, have a verification and testing purpose. Interestingly, the BGA configuration hints at potential insights into the Battlemage GPU design. The X2 tool employs a 2362 BGA arrangement, while the X3 tool employs a 2727 BGA array. Comparisons to previous Intel Alchemist reports indicate that the Arc A770 graphics card’s primary ACM-G10 GPU die utilized a BGA 2660 package. This implies that the second chip’s package size is slightly larger than the top Alchemist chip.

IMG 7253

The significance of this information hinges on whether the tested chip represents the final design. However, it does confirm that larger packages are undergoing testing for Battlemage GPUs. These GPUs are projected to utilize a TSMC process node, potentially 5nm or 4nm. It’s important to note that an increased package size doesn’t necessarily correspond to a larger chip die size. The augmented GPU package size could potentially accommodate extra capacitors or a larger heat spreader, although this isn’t a given considering modern GPU designs.

Intel’s forthcoming Battlemage GPUs will be available in Xe2 HPG and LPG variants. The HPG chips are aimed at the high-end discrete graphics market, while the LPG chips are designed for integrated usage, potentially in CPUs like the anticipated 2025 Lunar Lake family, which is expected to be exclusive to laptops. Recent code updates have revealed that Lunar Lake will incorporate 64 Xe Battlemage Execution Units within 8 Xe-Cores. This configuration will provide up to 1024 Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) and deliver a substantial performance boost compared to Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake chips with similar setups, owing to the broader Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) units.

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Previously, Intel indicated that the upcoming Battlemage GPUs will showcase innovative technologies and architecture enhancements. The complete software and hardware division is now exclusively focused on advancing this next-generation GPU project. This is certainly captivating news, underlining Intel’s strong dedication to forthcoming GPUs and the next-gen discrete Arc graphics card series. Intel has reiterated its commitment to these developments on multiple occasions. With substantial efforts invested in refining their current Alchemist lineup, the company is poised to further enhance their offerings with the upcoming launches.