M1X MacBook Pro Models’ Display Resolutions Revealed In macOS Monterey Beta

Apple has released the beta version of macOS Monterey and the display resolutions of the upcoming M1X MacBook Pro models were apparently leaked in the same beta. In short, both the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch versions will likely feature higher resolution.

macbook pro 13 og 202005

The resolution was spotted by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser, and he claims that the listing goes as ‘3456 x 2234 Retina’ for the 16′ model and ‘3024 x 1964 Retina for the 14′ MacBook. Take note that previously launched portable Macs do not support these values.’ The current M1 MacBook Pro has a resolution of 2560 x 1600, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s resolution is 3072 x 1920.

M1X MacBook Pro display resolution

For both models, the pixel density will be between 226-227, while the M1X MacBook Pro family’s PPI could increase to 257. Any higher value will affect battery life, which Apple wants to capitalize on since it’s developing custom chipsets for its Macs.

M1X MacBook Pro 1030x515 1

The upcoming M1X MacBook Pro models will have an aspect ratio of 15.4:10, which is different from the 16:10 current-generation MacBooks offer. A design change suggests a switch to a different display, and a mini-LED upgrade combo is expected to sweeten the deal when both models will reportedly launch in October or November.

Via MacRumors