Mountain DisplayPad and MacroPad Review

Smaller keyboards have become extremely popular over the past few years. I personally use a 65% keyboard most of the time. With the limited amount of keys available on those keyboards getting something like a dedicated number pad can not only be useful for gaming, but also work. On top of that streamers can really make use of products like this to easily switch scenes, cameras, etc. This is where Mountain comes in with their DisplayPad and MacroPad. Both of these keypads feature 12 fully programmable keys that you can set to pretty much anything you want. The DisplayPad features customizable LCD displays for the keys, while the MacroPad has typical mechanical key switches and keycaps. Are these what you need to complete your setup? Read on as we take a look!

Special thanks to Mountain for providing us with the DisplayPad and MacroPad to review.

Mountain DisplayPad Specifications

displaypad specs

Mountain MacroPad Specifications

macropad specs


The DisplayPad and MacroPad come in Mountain’s typical retail packaging. On the front of each package we find a picture of each product. Flipping over to the back some of the main features are detailed.

Mountain DisplayPad & MacroPad Mountain DisplayPad & MacroPad

In typical Mountain fashion the unboxing experience of both the DisplayPad and MacroPad are great. Inside of each box you’ll find the unit itself, a stand, and a USB-C to USB-A cable, which is braided. The MacroPad comes with a keycap and switch puller as well.

Mountain DisplayPad & MacroPad Mountain DisplayPad & MacroPad

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