Mountain DisplayPad and MacroPad Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

I have been using both the DisplayPad and MacroPad for the past few weeks now. Both are definitely useful and a nice addition to your gaming, streaming, or even work setup. Each display the keys so the are easily visible and at an angle where they are easy to press. It is also pretty cool that you can attach both of these to Mountain’s own Everest Max keyboard instead of using the stands.

When it comes to the DisplayPad the little screens are pretty awesome and definitely grab attention of anyone walking by your desk. Having the displays mean that you don’t have to remember which key is which. Also with the ability to create folders you more or less have an unlimited about of keys and you can cycle through different layers of keys.

Mountain DisplayPad & MacroPad

Now I did have a few issues with the DisplayPad. First it seemed as if two if the displays had some type of dead pixels running down them. We really hope this was just a defect in our specific sample and doing a search it does not seem to be a widespread issue. Also when we selected any of the PC stats or the time display functions they just displayed a blank screen. This is obviously a software issue, but it was a bummer I couldn’t display my system stats. Talking about the software, while it was really good to see integrations for things like Twitch and Adobe Premiere beyond the normal controls compared to something like the Stream Deck it does seem a bit limited.

The MacroPad worked great and also felt quite good to use as well. I really liked that we do have real mechanical key switches here and a hot-swappable design so you can swap out switches if you wanted to. I could totally see someone decking the MacroPad out with custom keycaps and having it look just awesome on their desk.

Right now the DisplayPad is selling at our favorite online retailer for $79.99, while the MacroPad is $39.99. At these prices both of these are really worth picking up, I would just say know their limitations.

– Sleek design with aluminum top plate
– Screens look great on the DisplayPad
– Mechanical key switches on the MacroPad
– Software is easy to use
– Folders on the DisplayPad
– Keys are set at the perfect angle

– Our DisplayPad had some dead pixels
– Not as many integrations compared to the Stream Deck
– PC stats and clock would just show blank on the DisplayPad

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