Mountain DisplayPad and MacroPad Review


Getting both the DisplayPad and MacroPad setup is extremely easy. Using the supplied USB cable connect it to your PC or laptop. While it will turn on you’ll need to download Mountain’s Base Camp software to do any type of customization. Once you have the software installed the main screen will show you the Mountain devices you have connected.

mountain displaypad macro pad ss1

When you click the customize button you are first brought to the Profiles section. Here you can add, save, and set different profiles. The MacroPad supports up to 5 profiles, while the DisplayPad supports unlimited profiles. If you are using the MacroPad the next tab will be Lighting. Just like a normal keyboard you have full per-key RGB backlighting. There are a handful of effects to choose from.

mountain displaypad macro pad ss2 mountain displaypad macro pad ss3

The next tab is Key Binding. You select any key on each of the pads and you can have it run an OS command, open a webpage, run a program, open a folder, run a macro, media controls, keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls. There are even controls built in for OBS Studio, Twitch, YouTube, Adobe, Divinci Resolve, and Zoom. If you are in the DisplayPad Key Bindings you can also set it to Display the current time or some PC stats as well as create a folder. A folder is basically another layer on the DisplayPad so say I have one named “Games” I can add shortcuts to all my games here. When you select say running a program on the DisplayPad it will automatically set the image for you. You can change the image and set it yourself if you want, the DisplayPad supports animated GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP images.

mountain displaypad macro pad ss4 mountain displaypad macro pad ss7

Next is the Macro tab. Here you have a full library of all of your macros and you can easily create and edit macros.

mountain displaypad macro pad ss5

Finally we have our the settings tab. Here you can set each pad back to its factory defaults, update the firmware, and download the manual. On the DisplayPad you also have the option to set a sleep timer, adjust the brightness, and set a lock screen image.

mountain displaypad macro pad ss6 mountain displaypad macro pad ss8

Here is what both the DisplayPad and MacroPad look like plugged in and all set up.

Mountain DisplayPad Mountain MacroPad

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